Do I need psychotherapy?
Only you can decide that. Some people are more imminently in "need" of therapy, in the sense that they might have a difficult time functioning without this type of support. Others may not necessarily "need" therapy but may obtain great benefit from doing so, for a number of reasons that are specific to the individual. Generally, growth and self-awareness may be sought, as well as reduction of distress and improved quality of life. 
What happens during therapy?
Everyone's experience of therapy will be different. Whenever you put two people together, a unique experience occurs. Most often, therapy will consist of talking. You may be someone who can easily speak throughout the session and share your stream of consciousness, with me taking more of a back-seat and perhaps helping you to draw connections among ideas or to come to recognize something new. You may be someone who needs a little bit more back-and-forth. As we come to know each other, we will figure out a rhythm. Sometimes silence is the most therapeutic experience of all. A lot can happen in silence. Please note that I do not offer structured or directive therapies (i.e. DBT, CBT, FBT, etc.). My approach is informed by psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theory and social justice frameworks. For some individuals, the approach may be a more supportive psychotherapy; for some, the focus may be more insight-oriented or exploratory; for some, the focus may be on our relationship and what is happening in our dynamic; for many, the approach may be a combination of all of these. 
Medication vs. therapy
Medication alone cannot resolve emotional (or neurological) concerns. However, in some cases, it may help a bit, and in some cases, it may help significantly. If you are seeing a psychiatrist / APN / PA, I can collaborate with that person.
How many sessions will it take?
In general, I think longer term work is more beneficial. What "long term" means can vary significantly, though. 
How often do sessions occur?
I prefer to see you at least once per week. In some cases, it might be beneficial to engage in two or three or even four weekly sessions. You might find that you get more out of therapy when you meet more frequently, as this can make for a richer experience. I do not offer every other week.
Where do sessions occur?
The pandemic has taught me that virtual therapy (via Zoom) can be benefical to people. However, I don't think that it has the full benefit of in-person therapy, especially if a solid relationship is not initially formed in the office. For new patients, I prefer a commitment to in-person therapy (unelss circumstances do not allow for this), with some flexibility depending on your situation. For some, I can offer hybrid, especially for those opting to meet multiple times per week. I do not offer phone sessions, other than in a situation in which we have no choice (i.e. one of us is having internet issues).



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