Supporting you through a process of exploration and growth

Stephanie Warm is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a private therapy practice in Summit, NJ. 

Working with a range of issues, including anxiety, eating disorders/issues, body dissatisfaction and/or dysmorphia, OCD, obsessive/compulsive temperament, depression, mood disorders, low self-esteem, social anxiety/inhibitions/insecurities, the impact of difficulties with executive functioning, trauma, grief, relationship or friendship challenges or conflict, dificulties with family-of-origin / understanding the impact of family-of-origin, transition-related difficulties, illness/disability-related concerns, questions of identity, dissociation, and impact of the experiences of being "othered".

Providing in-person individual psychotherapy, working from a psychodynamic / psychoanalytic / supportive / relational lens. As needed, may incorporate psychoeducation (particularly with eating disorders). Inclusive of all body sizes, LGBTQAI+ -affirming, neurodiversity-informed.

Currently seeing ages 19+

Psychotherapy might help you with the following:

Increasing self-understanding

Decreasing overall anxiety

Feeling more regulated with regard to your mood and emotions

More able to channel difficult feelings constructively 

Feeling more able to access a range of emotions

Developing a more peaceful relationship with your body and with food

Operating more flexibly and less rigidly

Coming to feel more connected to yourself and to others

Experiencing more sense of purpose, drive, and hope

Feeling more able to tolerate the ambiguities of life

Feeling overall safer within your self and within the world







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