Supporting you through a process of exploration and growth

Stephanie Warm is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a private therapy practice in Summit, NJ. 

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Working with a range of issues, including (but not limited to) heightened anxiety, eating disorders/issues, body dissatisfaction and/or dysmorphia, obsessive/compulsive temperament, OCD, depression, mood disorders, trauma, loss, low self-esteem, social anxiety/inhibitions/insecurities, the impact of difficulties with executive functioning, trauma, grief, relationship or friendship challenges or conflict, dificultes with family-of-origin, understanding the impact of family-of-origin, transition-related difficulties, illness/disability-related concerns, identity confusion, dissociation, and impact of the experiences of being "othered".

Providing in-person individual psychotherapy, working from a psychodynamic / psychoanalytic / supportive / relational lens. As needed, may incorporate psychoeducation (particularly with eating disorders) and/or cognitive components. Inclusive of all body sizes, LGBTQAI+ -affirming, neurodiversity-informed.

Psychotherapy might help you with the following:

Decreasing overall anxiety

Feeling more regulated with regard to your mood and emotions.

More able to channel difficult feelings constructively. 

Feeling more able to access a range of emotions

Developing a more peaceful relationship with your body and with food.

Operating more flexibly and less rigidly

Coming to feel more connected to yourself and to others

Increasing self-understanding

Experiencing more sense of purpose, drive, and hope

Feeling more able to tolerate the ambiguities of life

Feeling overall safer within your self and within the world







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